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How can I add a favicon in Active Admin. I am using rails 3.2 and active admin 0.4.3

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Though this question is about an older version of ActiveAdmin, as of this commit ActiveAdmin supports favicons in the initializer. Around line 145 of active_admin.rb for me:

  # == Setting a Favicon
  # config.favicon = '/assets/favicon.ico'

HTH the next person who comes along. I almost did the top-voted answer...

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thanksssss.. :) – RAJ Aug 28 '14 at 18:23

Until they support favicon you can do the trick:


  $('head').append("<link href='favicon.ico' rel='shortcut icon'>");

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ewwwwwwwwwwww ;) – Trip Mar 5 '13 at 15:56

You'll have to add it to your ActiveAdmin.rb initializer like so :

module ActiveAdmin
  module Views
    module Pages
      class Base < Arbre::HTML::Document

        def build_active_admin_head
          within @head do
            insert_tag Arbre::HTML::Title, [title, render_or_call_method_or_proc_on(self, active_admin_application.site_title)].join(" | ")
            insert_tag Arbre::HTML::Link, rel: 'shortcut icon', href: '/favicon.gif'
            #                          Change the href used in this line ^
            active_admin_application.stylesheets.each do |style|
              text_node(stylesheet_link_tag(style.path, style.options).html_safe)

            active_admin_application.javascripts.each do |path|
              script :src => javascript_path(path), :type => "text/javascript"
            text_node csrf_meta_tag
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