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Currently I am working on a blog engine in RoR and I encounter severa issues with routing. The routes.rb looks like this:

match '/admin', :to => 'posts#new'
match '/get/:id', :to => 'posts#get'
match '/new', :to => 'posts#new'
delete '/:id', :to => 'posts#destroy'
post '/edit/:id', :to => 'posts#update'
put '/edit/:id', :to => 'posts#update'
get '/edit/:id', :to => 'posts#new', :as => 'post'
get '/:slug', :to => 'posts#show', :as => 'post'
root :to => 'posts#index'

and I would like to transform it in something like:

resources :admin do
  resources :posts

Any help would be very appreciated.

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A bit more information is needed. What do you want to place in the admin resource? Only posting, or also editing?

But a few tips to get started: - You have to split your posts-controller. Make a subfolder in the controllers called admin (the resource name). Move the admin-functions to this controller, and leave the public posts-function (index and show) in the normal posts_controller. - Do the same for the views.

And, i suspect you want the routes to be:

namespace :admin
  resources :posts

get '/:id', :to => 'posts#show'

root :to => 'posts#index'

Then you can put some form of authentication to the admin namespace.

Hope this helps you on the way.

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