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I have a div which contains settings and options on an account management page.

if ($("#moreOptions").is(":visible") == true) {
    $("#lnkMoreOpt").text("Less Options «")
else {
    $("#lnkMoreOpt").text("More Options »")

The code above should change the text of the more/less options link depending on whether it is visible or not, however it appears jQuery does not treat toggling as making it invisible/visible.

How can I implement this while still using the toggle function?

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I know this is old, but another option would probably be to check the value before you start the toggle. –  eselk May 15 '13 at 23:11

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You need to use the callback function. By the time the if statement is evaluated the slideToggle will not have completed and you will get incorrect results.

$("#moreOptions").slideToggle('slow', callbackFn);

function callbackFn(){

     var $link = $("#lnkMoreOpt");

     $(this).is(":visible") ? $link.text("Less Options «") : $link.text("More Options »");

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Excellent answer, works great! Thankyou. –  james-briggs Jul 28 '09 at 11:25
No worries, good luck with it. –  redsquare Jul 28 '09 at 11:31

I prefer not to use separate functions because when one function does not need to be used twice, it is waste of code.. i believe this is easier to understand when someone comes to it..

$("#moreOptions").slideToggle('slow', function(){
     var $link = $("#lnkMoreOpt");
     $(this).is(":visible") ? $link.text("Less Options «") : $link.text("More Options »");
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