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I try to insert something after clear the content by using setData(""), then I insert something to it using insertText method. But the content remains empty.

Relevant code:

CKEDITOR.instances.content.insertText("the text I want to insert");

The code above is not working. Anyone could help me? finding another way to clear the content in CKEditor rather than using setData("") or make the insertText method working after setData would both help solve my problem. Many thanks!

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Works for me neither. Must be a bug. But with jquery there is a way arround.

$('#content').val('the text I want to insert');

For the jquery adapter have a look here: http://ckeditor.com/blog/CKEditor_for_jQuery

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Thanks Sven, that is really helpful –  Qing Ye Aug 18 '12 at 19:46

I've got a same problem but the point was that setData() method is asynchronous. If you want to run something after setData(), you have to create a callback method.

var fooCallback = function(){
    CKEDITOR.instances.content.insertText("the text I want to insert");
CKEDITOR.instances.content.setData("", fooCallback);
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I encountered the same issues and found a solution. When "clearing" your editor, do not use an empty string, instead, use CKEDITOR.yourEditor.setData('<span></span>'), or (probably) some other equivalent "valid html" that displays nothing. I have only tried this with the spans for now. subsequent calls to the setData method will not fail. Enjoy.

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