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In my android Activity I need to update the camera preview orientation and the UI according to the device Orientation. And I need all orientations for my activity namelyPortrait,Landscape,Landscape reverseandportrait reverse`.

I use the Android API demo for the camera preview. I found that when I use fullSensor for orientation setting in my AndroidManifest.xml and call the setCameraDisplayOrientation() on surfaceChanged() method of the Preview class(I am referring to the CameraPreview.java in the API demo sources) I get the desired behavior.

But there is a big delay on each orientation switch. When I set the orientation to Landscape in the manifest the preview is smooth but the UI is not updating according to the device orientation. I need the orientation to be set to Landscape and the UI to change according to all the four orientations namely Portrait up, Landscape right, Landscape left and Portrait down. What is the optimal way of achieving the same with good performance?

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