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I have an HTML select in View, for the select options i have to retrieve value from database. I have a function in model that returns LIST of options. How can I call the model's function from view.

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You should not call model methods in your view, your controller should take care of giving the View a complete Model. –  jrummell Aug 13 '12 at 12:29
Don't put functions in your model and don't call functions in a view. That's what controllers are for –  Forty-Two Aug 13 '12 at 12:30
So, how do I give options to HTML select from database? –  user1584253 Aug 13 '12 at 13:06

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Something like this:

public class XXXXViewModel {

    public List<Option> Options {get;set;}

and in your controller:

public class XXXXController : Controller {
    public ActionResult SomeAction(){
        var model = GetModelFromRepository();
        var viewModel = new XXXXViewModel{
                                            Options = model.GetOptions();
        return View(viewModel); 

So, you controller takes care of providing the options to the view using a ViewModel class containing everything your view needs.

Hope it helps.

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please check this link Hopes this will helps you to update your view without breaking your MVC structure

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create an event which is going to call that function and by the help of json and Ajax javascript you can easily do it

its a small concept that model canot be call from html after rendering on client side you have to take care of it by controller action and ajax is a good practice for it in maximum of mvc application

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I believe you want to create a dropdown list in your view.

Go through these links which explain about creating dropdown list in MVC3.

Creating Dropdown List in MVC3

Dropdown list - MVC3

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