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I'm using the Google APIs python client to download some data from Google Analytics. I basically copied one of their exampels and modified it to do exactly what I need.

I took this piece of code from the examples:

   request =

Then add it to the batch object, and execute it once it has collected 10 request. This all works well, but the problem is, some of those requests return a "nextLink". Now I could just create a new request object (with the above code) with a different start-index, but isn't there a better way?

Is there a way to just parse the nextLink into a new request object?

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I'm using this approach:

firstRun = True
params = {'ids':'ga:00000001',

while firstRun == True or result.get('nextLink'):
    if firstRun == False:
        params['start_index'] = int(params['start_index']) + int(params['max_results'])

    result =**params).execute()
    firstRun = False
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I could not found a way to parse the nextLink object and do a request with it but this was my solution and works fine:

max_results = 10000

params = {
    'ids': 'ga:' + profile_id,
    'start_date': start_date,
    'end_date': end_date,
    'metrics': ','.join(metrics),
    'dimensions': ','.join(dimensions),
    'start_index': 1,
    'max_results': max_results

has_more = True

while has_more:
    results =**params).execute()

    #do something with results

    params['start_index'] = int(params['start_index']) + int(params['max_results'])
    has_more = results.get('nextLink')
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