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I know that this is a basic question but I am stuck with it somewhere in my code. I got that code from somewhere but now I am modifying it according to my need.

What does jQuery('#selector') do? In my code it always return empty.

Here is my code

query: function (selector, context) {
            var ret = {}, that = this, jqEls = "", i = 0;
            if(context && context.find) {
                jqEls = context.find(selector);
            } else {
                jqEls = jQuery(selector);
            ret = jqEls.get();
            ret.length = jqEls.length;
            ret.query = function (sel) {
                return that.query(sel, jqEls);

            return ret;

when I call this query function then I pass selector as parameter. When I do console.log(selector) it does have all the selectors which I need in this function. But the problem is on this line jqEls = jQuery(selector);. when I do console.log(jqEls) after this it returns empty thus the whole function returns empty.

Can I use something different then this to make it work?

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Could you give a demo? – xdazz Aug 13 '12 at 12:43
Its a lot of a code in several files. So how can I give it a demo with that much of a code? any suggestion? jsfiddle is not gonna be appropriate for this one. – 2619 Aug 13 '12 at 12:44
Seems to work fine for me: – Felix Kling Aug 13 '12 at 12:47
You should read up on basic jQuery selectors. Here's the docs for the ID selector, which is what you're using: Also, your function is doing almost exactly what the jQuery function already does, so what's the point? – FishBasketGordo Aug 13 '12 at 12:48

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jquery('#selector') is the equivalent of document.getElementById('selector'). If there is no DOM node with an id of selector, you get an empty result.


<div id="selector">...</div>

would return the dom node corresponding to this div. Do you have jquery loaded?

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I do have div tag with id selector. But still it doesnt work – 2619 Aug 13 '12 at 12:46

jQuery(selector) is looking for a DOM element that meets the selector criteria.

$('#example') == jQuery('#example')

Both will look for something with id "example"

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$(selector).get() will return undefined if no element is found. This is why your function returns undefined. To fix this, you could use a default value if there is no element found:

ret = jqEls.length ? jqEls.get() : {};

This way your function will always return an object that has your length and query properties, but it will not have an element if jQuery did not find one.

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As it is mentioned in my post the problem is with this line jqEls = jQuery(selector);. After this line jqEls is empty so by default this line ret = jqEls.get(); will return undefined. – 2619 Aug 13 '12 at 13:52
@al0neevenings jQuery(selector) will ALWAYS return a jQuery object. if no elements were matched, length will be 0 and .get() will give you undefined. The code i posted deals with this by using an empty object {} instead of undefined if there was no element found. – jbabey Aug 13 '12 at 13:55
But the selector I am passing is valid and there are HTML elements in my html code with IDs. Then why it does not match? – 2619 Aug 13 '12 at 13:59
the most common reason a match fails is because you're searching for the element before it exists in the DOM. you'd need to post your HTML and the rest of your javascript for us to tell. – jbabey Aug 13 '12 at 14:01

After reading your code I have a question : do you put the # in your variable selector ? A solution to solve this by replacing the bad line by jqEls = jQuery("#" + selector);

If the problem isn't due to that can you say the type of selector ? string ? object ? jQueryObject ?

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Yes selector id prefixed with #. And can you elaborate your second question? I really do not get your last comment. – 2619 Aug 13 '12 at 13:42
It is a string. – 2619 Aug 13 '12 at 13:51
I just mean the return of typeof selector. Which version of jQuery are you using ? Do you use multiple versions of jQuery ? – Charles Jourdan Aug 13 '12 at 14:02
I am using jquery1.4.4 – 2619 Aug 13 '12 at 14:05
Can you post the bad code on jsfiddle ? – Charles Jourdan Aug 13 '12 at 15:54

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