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i am trying to implement a simple reduction of a 2d 32x32 array set in 1D. At the end of the reduction i would expect the first 32 elements of the array to be a real number and the rest be 0.0f. However, there are problems there as some error checking that i do fails. I get errors like = 0.01f , subForcesMatrix->x[258] = 0.009f ..etc..

As you will notice i have used a volatile qualifier to avoid caching results in registers or local memory as i am using a 2.1 capability card..What is wrong?

Here is the code snippet:

__device__ /*__inline__*/void updateForces(stepForces_t *forcesIn,
        forcesMatrix_t * subForcesMatrix, unsigned int *grid3D,
        const unsigned int start, const unsigned int offset) {

    /*A 32*32 matrix reduction.
      We are aiming to reduce upwards */

    //  reduceMatrix(subForcesMatrix);
    unsigned int rowId = threadIdx.x % WARP;


    const unsigned int baseId = (threadIdx.x - rowId) / 8;
    volatile float *smemx = subForcesMatrix->x;
    volatile float *smemy = subForcesMatrix->y;
    volatile float *smemz = subForcesMatrix->z;

    for (int i = baseId + 1; i < baseId + 4; ++i) {

        assert (i * WARP + rowId<WARP*WARP);

        smemx[baseId * WARP + rowId] += smemx[i * WARP + rowId];
        smemy[baseId * WARP + rowId] += smemy[i * WARP + rowId];
        smemz[baseId * WARP + rowId] += smemz[i * WARP + rowId];

        smemx[i * WARP + rowId] = 0.0f;
        smemy[i * WARP + rowId] = 0.0f;
        smemz[i * WARP + rowId] = 0.0f;


    assert (baseId * WARP + rowId<WARP*WARP);

            subForcesMatrix->x[baseId * WARP + rowId]);
            subForcesMatrix->y[baseId * WARP + rowId]);
            subForcesMatrix->z[baseId * WARP + rowId]);

    smemx[baseId * WARP + rowId] = 0.0f;
    smemy[baseId * WARP + rowId] = 0.0f;
    smemz[baseId * WARP + rowId] = 0.0f;


    if (threadIdx.x < offset) {

        const unsigned int atomIndex = grid3D[start + threadIdx.x];
        atomicAdd(&forcesIn->dev_fxt[atomIndex], smemx[threadIdx.x]);
        atomicAdd(&forcesIn->dev_fyt[atomIndex], smemy[threadIdx.x]);
        atomicAdd(&forcesIn->dev_fzt[atomIndex], smemz[threadIdx.x]);


    smemx[threadIdx.x] = 0.0f;
    smemy[threadIdx.x] = 0.0f;
    smemz[threadIdx.x] = 0.0f;

    //the method i call to print results and perform assertions
    //assertions fail and results are unexpected
    testSForcesMatrix(smemx, smemy, smemz, offset);

//some output from the testSForcesMatrix method:

Array Index: 256 smemx[256] = 0.021206
Array Index: 257 smemx[257] = 0.003814

Array Index: 256 smemy[256] = -0.041235
Array Index: 257 smemy[257] = -0.016936

Array Index: 256 smemz[256] = -0.014756
Array Index: 257 smemz[257] = -0.006061

As it is clear from the code i reset all the memory addresses to 0.0f, why do i get real numbers there on the output?

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I reformatted your code, but could you do the output. The second part of the question is completely unintelligible as it stands... –  talonmies Aug 13 '12 at 12:57
Thanks talonmies, i edited the output...hop that somebody can shed some light here...!! –  Thanasio Aug 15 '12 at 10:21
It's not clear to me what this code is trying to do. It seems WARP = 32, the thread block has dimensions 1024x1x1, and you are using column-major storage for the 2D matrix? The reduction is supposed to sum each column, depositing the result into row 0: smem?(0,col) = Σ smem?(i,col) for i = 0 ... 31 ? I would have expected threads to be masked off during the reduction, but do not see that in the code, meaning there appear to be race conditions where multiple threads attempt to update the same shared memory location. –  njuffa Aug 15 '12 at 12:24
You are right on the logic of the reduction. Threads are masked off in the first line of code : unsigned int rowId = threadIdx.x % WARP; if that is what you mean. To my understanding the only part of the code that could suffer from race conditions is the one i used the atomic operation. Just before the execution of testSForcesMatrix(smemx, smemy, smemz, offset); the whole matrix should be set to 0.0f. So why do i get this output is the problem issue here...:) –  Thanasio Aug 15 '12 at 12:58
Sorry, have forgotten to mention that the kernel blockDim.x = 256. That technically makes the baseId = warpId. –  Thanasio Aug 15 '12 at 13:02

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