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I'm looking if it is possible to make query in T-SQL that will select value from every tag of my XML document.

I don't know how many tags there can be, and i don't know their names, because it should be dynamic... It is not important format of output (it can be manipulated later), only thing that is matter is that I get data from every tag :)


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You can try something like this:

DECLARE @input XML = '..... add your XML here........'

    NodeName = Nod.value('local-name(.)', 'varchar(50)'),
    NodeValue = Nod.value('.', 'varchar(50)')
FROM @input.nodes('//*') AS TBL(Nod)

This will list all nodes - name and value - in your XML.

WARNING: I just picked varchar(50) at random here, as the datatype for the XML node element. If that's not suitable for you - adapt as needed! Since you're converting them all at once, you have to convert them all to the same datatype - and varchar seems like a fairly safe choice :-)

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Thank you both. This work fine. –  Bokac Aug 13 '12 at 14:09
declare @xml xml

from @xml.nodes('//.') x(n)
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You can use openxml to get an edge table. It will give you node values as well as attribute values. If you have complex XML with a mix of nodes and text you will get the values split in separate rows.

declare @xml xml

set @xml = 
'<root Attrib="RootAttribute">
  <item>Value item 1</item>
    Value item 2
      <subitem>sub value in 2</subitem>
    More text in item 2

declare @idoc int
exec sp_xml_preparedocument @idoc out, @xml

select *
from openxml(@idoc, '')

exec sp_xml_removedocument @idoc


id parentid nodetype localname prefix namespaceuri datatype prev text
0  NULL     1        root      NULL   NULL         NULL     NULL NULL
2  0        2        Attrib    NULL   NULL         NULL     NULL NULL
8  2        3        #text     NULL   NULL         NULL     NULL RootAttribute
3  0        1        item      NULL   NULL         NULL     NULL NULL
9  3        3        #text     NULL   NULL         NULL     NULL Value item 1
4  0        1        item      NULL   NULL         NULL     3    NULL
6  4        3        #text     NULL   NULL         NULL     NULL Value item 2
5  4        1        subitem   NULL   NULL         NULL     6    NULL
10 5        3        #text     NULL   NULL         NULL     NULL sub value in 2
7  4        3        #text     NULL   NULL         NULL     5    More text in item 2
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