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I want to add a dropdown menu on an action bar using SherlockActionBar. I have found this code in demos:

    Context context = getSupportActionBar().getThemedContext();
    ArrayAdapter<CharSequence> list = ArrayAdapter.createFromResource(
            context, R.array.dropdown_items, R.layout.sherlock_spinner_item);

    getSupportActionBar().setListNavigationCallbacks(list, this);

What I want is that the spinner menu item to be an icon and not the first/selected item in the dropdown. How can I do this? I have tried to set a drawable to the textview in a custom sherlock_spinner_item and also to set text empty but it does not work. Thanks. enter image description here

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A SpinnerAdapter, the type of adapter used for that widget, allows for specifying custom layouts for both the drop-down layouts and the selected item layouts.

From the illustration you would want to use a different view for the selected item layout which displayed a representative icon of some sort. It's probably best to write your own class that implements SpinnerAdapter to achieve this functionality rather than relying on one of the built-in ones (like ArrayAdapter).

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