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Assume I want to access this remote file in vim


and, when prompted, I accidentally enter the wrong password.

How do I reset the password? Right now I have to exit from and restart vim.

The client and server are both on Linux.


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Beside restarting VIM, I think this is a good question. :) – Almo Aug 13 '12 at 13:23
Good comment; I've edited to reflect it. – octopusgrabbus Aug 13 '12 at 13:30
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:help netrw-userpass

Attempts to use ftp will prompt you for a user-id and a password.
These will be saved in global variables |g:netrw_uid| and
|s:netrw_passwd|; subsequent use of ftp will re-use those two strings,
thereby simplifying use of ftp.  However, if you need to use a
different user id and/or password, you'll want to call |NetUserPass()|

I.e. use:

:call NetUserPass()                     -- prompts for uid and password


vim comes with an amazing help-system. In this case I did :h ftp, did a search for password and first hit was this section:

The script attempts to get passwords for ftp invisibly using |inputsecret()|, a built-in Vim function. See |netrw-userpass| for how to change the password after one has set it.

which gave the entry for netrw-userpass

BTW If you are lost, do a :h <SOME_STRING> and press CTRL-d and vim displays a list with all section containing that string...

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At least in the version of vim I'm using (7.3), that command can be simplified to just :NetUserPass, rather than bothering with call. – Mjiig Aug 13 '12 at 13:43

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