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You know in movies they show the actor 'typing' (randomly mashing at the keyboard) and then on the screen a stream of text appears in Word. I want to create a macro that achieves this - so it's basic keyboard capture and then display of a provided word file, a bit at a time.

Any pointers in the right direction please! Total newb to VB programming, but I did my degree in Computer science a few years back - just very rusty through lack of use!

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If you are using the namespace 'System.Windows.Forms' you can use the class 'SendKeys' Example

SendKeys.Send("What the actor types?")

You can read more here Please notice that the keys are being send to the foreground window on windows.

To change the foreground window you can simply use the function

Public Declare Function SetForegroundWindow Lib "User32.dll" (ByVal window As IntPtr) As Boolean

Please notice: After you invoke the function "Send" the computer begins to type directly. If you want the computer to delay, for example 2 seconds you can use the following function

System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(2 * 1000)
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