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I'm using OpenXML to add text to a pargraph node. I am wrapping OpenXML methods, and have the following method to append text, which works fine with text without markup.

    public void AddPlainParagraphText(string text)
            new Paragraph(
                new Run(
                    new Text(text))));

I know that for special characters such as tabs, you need to use OpenXML's TabChar class and append that to the Text item. I'm trying to figure out if I can have this automated, where OpenXML would see the '\t' in the text, and automatically set the XML up to support the tab via . I suppose I could tokenize the string by \t, but then I'd have to search for every type of markup character. Can this be done automatically?

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Split them up on receiving the text and add then on every '\t'

var stringArray = text.Split(@'\t');

var paragraph = new Paragraph();

for(var i = 0;i <= stringArray.Length();i++)
    paragraph.Append(new Run(new Text(str)));

    if(i != stingArray.Length())
       paragraph.Append(new Run(new TabChar()));


Edit after comment : Indeed they should be put into Runs

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