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I am trying to show a gender model with a select tags. Here my models

Customer        Gender
ID              Id
First           Customer_id
Last            description

  has_one :gender
  belongs_to :customer

Here my select tags atm

<%= collection_select(:gender, :id, Gender.all, :id, :description) %>

But its showing me the following error instead

NoMethodError in Customers#edit

Showing /home/jean/rail/map/app/views/customers/_general.html.erb where line #23 raised:

undefined method `id' for []:Array
Extracted source (around line #23):

21:     <%= #collection_select(:gender, :description, @genders, :id, :description)
22:     %>
23:     <%= collection_select(:gender, :id, Gender.all, :id, :description) %>
25:     <div class="customer_edit_name">
26:             <%= f.label "Birthday" %>
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I hope that you are trying to add a checkbox of Gender in customer form. If so it should be as

collection_select(:customer, :gender_id, Gender.all, :id, :description)

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