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Ive added a tab to the admin system->config backend...something i have done before without issue. For some reason, i am getting a 404 when i try access the tab (even though the 'tab' config contents are displayed on the DEFAULT view when go into system->configuration).

Ive been playing with the ACL...adding the code to the config.xml file, and alos trying to create a seperate adminhtml.xml file.....but it wont kick in. Please could someone look over my config code, and see where im going wrong. I think i just cant see it...code blind...

<?xml version="1.0"?>

                <title>Allow Everything</title>
            <admin>  <!--This is acl based on URL. If you see URL it would be /admin/system_config/ -->
                                        <mavp translate="title">  <!-- This is name of the section created by us -->
                                            <title>Mico AVP ACL</title>  <!-- Title as shown in User->Roles->Permissions Window -->

thanks in advance.... Shaun

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I was using the subsection name (avp), not the section name (mworkz).

so change:

<mavp translate="title">  ...  </avp>


<mworkz translate="title">  ...  </mworkz>
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Thanks! Was going crazy over this, and all I got when searching was "try logging out and in again" on the 404. Didn't even notice that it was showing on the default config view at first. –  Christoffer Bubach Jun 27 '13 at 7:51

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