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Currently I have a server which uses the TcpListener class to communicate with clients. I have to test the communication between the Windows Phone client app and the server.

The problem is while developing my server is listening the IPAdress.Loopback (localhost) on my machine.

Is there any way to create connection to the server from the emulator, so I can test anything.

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hi,my requirement is same as yours, I had a server which uses the TCpListener and i am accepting client like this TcpClient tcpClient = tcpListener.AcceptTcpClient().I want to connect to this server through Tcp sockets & in my windows phone app using managed code i am trying to open the connection. But i got a socket error of "connection refused".How did you connect your server tcp listener. Have you used Tcp socket if so can you help me.I tried a lot but could not.. thank you –  Swetha Bindu Feb 13 '13 at 6:59

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Well if I remember rightly you need to setup a port on your TCPListener, if that port is the same as the port VS is listening on then we will have a problem, the article below explains in good detail how to set up proper connections using TCPListener


you could just set up a laptop with your server/client on and have your emulator connect to the private network addess of that machine then you can test otherwise I would normally fire up a Virtual Machine on my Desktop and connect to it for testing Server/client stuff

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