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am doing pagination of table in php with phtml.The problem is I have a javascript to change the color of the row.It works only for my first page,doesnt work with other pages.

foreach($this->paginator as $record)
       {echo "<td width='61'> <a href='#' class='test'  data-id='" . $record['id']. "'>". $record['id'] . "</td>";
       echo "<td width='61'  >". $record['firstname'] . "</td>";
       echo "<td width='61'>" . $record['emailid'] . "</a></td>";
       echo "<td width='38'>" . $record['customdata'] . "</td>";

Javascript is

function approve(id) {

   var id =id;  
       url: 'http://localhost/feedback/public/index/approve/',
       type: 'POST',                    
       success:function(data) {
                 alert('Approved successfully');
                     var index =parseFloat(id)+1;                                    
                    $('table tr:eq('+index+')').css("background-color", "54FF9F");//this           works only for first page

I'm calling javascript in onclick of a button in popup window.Can anyone help me y it doesnot work for other pages

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Your success function is what is coloring the rows; by adding inline styles to the tr tags themselves. Because this function (in all likelihood) does not run again when you go to the next page of your table, the newly rendered rows do not get colored.

I would recommend adding a class to the rows instead, and adding the CSS rule to a stylesheet.

$('table tr:eq('+index+')').addClass('alt-row');


.alt-row td { background-color: #54FF9F; }

Also, to play it safe, I apply background colors to cells, not rows, as some older browsers do not support backgrounds on table rows.

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Thank you.But it doesnt work.I have the same problem still.. –  Idsaru Aug 13 '12 at 14:43
Right; sorry, Monday morning brain-lapse. Am I correct in assuming your pagination is occuring on the back end; i.e. each time the user goes to a new page of the table, a new request is made and a new set of rows is returned? Can you add a class to the table rows on the backend, before the response is returned to the client? –  jackwanders Aug 13 '12 at 15:12
Hi!!@jackwanders..yes ur right..But its not working too. –  Idsaru Aug 14 '12 at 9:46

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