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I am using Active Record and decorate my classes with attributes.

I have a primary key and the attribute is:

[PrimaryKey(PrimaryKeyType.Native, Column = "ID")]

Then I auto generate the table for SQL Server 2008 based on the C# class.

The result is then:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[MyTable](
    [ID] [int] NOT NULL,


But what I want is:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[MyTable](

As you can see, the IDENTITY keyword is missing from my generated T-SQL.

What attribute should I use to be able to make my primary key IDENTITY?


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I'm assuming that you are using The Castle Project Active Records. So, you need PrimaryKeyType.Identity attribute. Code:

[PrimaryKey(PrimaryKeyType.Identity, Column = "ID")]
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YES! It works now! Thank you Vitaly and best wishes! –  st_stefanov Aug 13 '12 at 15:13
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