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My site serves up documents from tocmat that sometimes have &'s in the file names.



Here is the URL we access it with:

For some reason our version of Apache + OpenSSL fails to re-write this correctly due to some bug. So the %26 becomes an & and then the request is all broken, because

Upgrading OpenSSL will fix the problem, but this unfortunately isn't an option for several months.

As a work-around, we are trying to create a rewrite rule that can turn any %26 into a special character sequence.... let's say ___--___. Then on Tomcat, we can use a filter to fix the URLs and thus no more problem.

Anyone know how I can write such a rewrite rule?

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Comment from #httpd: if there is a set maximum number of iterations, then yes, you can do it with a rewrite rule. one rewrite rule can replace one %26 with something else, so if you had nicks%26janes%26erics%26johns.doc, you'd need 3 rewrite rules. so, it's possible, but it'll look stupid :) the other, and more sane option, would be to use mod_lua/perl/python to rewrite the URI – Nicholas DiPiazza Aug 14 '12 at 16:05
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RewriteRule ^(.*)&(.*)$ $1__-__$2 [N]

This turns foo%26bar to foo__-__bar

At that point you can use a Tomcat filter to change any URL with __-__ back to %26

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