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Using NDB, it is possible to specify a projection for a query, allowing to limit the number of properties that are retrieved for the entities that match the query.

However, I couldn't find anything in the documentation about how to specify a projection when using ndb.get_multi(), which always fetches complete entities.

Is there a way to fetch only certain properties when using ndb.get_multi()?

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No, the projection feature only works for queries. There would be no advantage (in terms of fewer I/O operations) to projecting get() operations.

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Thanks for your answer. Could you elaborate a bit more on why projecting is helpful in queries but not in get operations? –  Pascal Bourque Aug 13 '12 at 19:56
In queries, a projection satisfies the values straight from the index, so the datastore backend can avoid reading the actual entity entirely. That's a big win as it saves real disk seeks. For get operations, all you have is the key, so you can't avoid reading the actual entity -- the only saving you'd get would be deserialization cost and some bandwidth, which usually doesn't amount to much. –  Guido van Rossum Aug 14 '12 at 20:13

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