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I am hoping to change the name of either one particular column or all of the columns in each file that is entered by the user. So far I have tried this:

File.names<-(tk_choose.files(default="", caption="Files", multi=TRUE, filters=NULL, index=1))
data<-lapply(1:Num.Files, function(x){data<-read.table(header=TRUE, text=test)})
names(data) <- new.names

but I get:

Error in names(data) <- new.names : 
  'names' attribute [14] must be the same length as the vector [1]
Execution halted

The original column names are as such:

Targ  cov  av_cov  87A_cvg  87Ag  87Agr  87Agr  87A_gra  87A%_1   87A%_3   87A%_5   87A%_10  87A%_20  87A%_30 87A%_40   87A%_50 87A%_75 87A%_100

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to change the column names of multiple files in this manner? Thanks, Steph

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File.names<-(tk_choose.files(default="", caption="Choose your files", multi=TRUE, filters=NULL, index=1))
# read the files into a dummy variable
# manipulate the first file

tk_choose.files allows you to select files. It stores these filenames in a character vector. You would then need to read the data into R. I have just used readLines to store all your data from the appropriate files for simplicity. You can use something like read.tables or read.csv directly.

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