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How can I retrieve all my contacts that belong to a certain group? I don't want a complete list of all my contacts just the ones from a specific group.

This is the group: DEBUG 2009-07-28 12:01:32,681] group is Customers with id m8/feeds/groups/

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I found the answer, should any one run into the same problem, here is a solution. I only have on contact group, so it's no big problem to manage.

once you are logged in you can get all your groups using the following method:

groups = gd_client.GetGroupsFeed()

and since I only have one, I can just pop it off like this:

group = groups.entry.pop()

now all I have to do is this:

query = gdata.contacts.service.ContactsQuery()
query.max_results = 1000 =

gd_feed = gd_client.GetContactsFeed(query.ToUri())


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can u share me the original lines? – muthukumar Apr 3 '14 at 12:47

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