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I'm using CodeIgniter and I needed to redirect several urls with underscores to their equivalent with hyphens.

/some-controller --> /some_controller

I've partially solved this issue by tweaking the config/routes.php file.

The thing is :

How would I expand that to a Controller's function WITH a parameter.

Let's say I've got a controller some_controller (some-controller redirects to some_controller) and a function func in it (optionally taking a param).

$route['some-controller'] = 'some_controller';
$route['some-controller/func'] = 'some_controller/func';

This works. But, what if I have some-controller/func/someparam. (and someparam can be anything). How could this redirect be implemented?

Basically what I need is a redirection from :




Any ideas?

Hint :

I don't need anything complicated like this one ( How to replace underscores in codeigniter url with dashes? ).

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Hadn't searched enough - I admit it (it's one of those issues that always seem more complicated than they should be) :


$route['some-controller/func/(:any)'] = "some_controller/func/$1";

Or you could use (:num), if what you're expecting is a number...

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