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Often when looking at method calls with many parameters, I'd like to know what a particular parameter's Javadoc without counting the number of commas, then going to the declaration and counting again.

How can I directly view the Javadoc for a particular parameter from the client method call?

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Eclipse does not support this, and I've filed an enhancement request.

Suppose I have the following code:

void foo(int i) {}
void bar() {

If I hover over the 1, I would like to see "int i" as I do if I hover over "foo". I know this can conflict with showing the Javadocs of methods or fields in the parameter such as how presently Eclipse shows on hover the Javadoc for random() below:

void bar() {

Perhaps there could be a hover modifier key to override this and a precedence order to determine which Javadoc is displayed in this case.

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Kind of a workaround/similar feature is:

foo(34, bar1, [cursor]bar2)

press ctrl-space

This shows the method signature above with the formal parameter corresponding to bar2 highlighted.

(this works in juno at least)

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It would be a great workaround since usually the parameter names are self-documenting, but there's no highlighting of the parameter (bar2 in your example) in Indigo. –  Jeff Axelrod Aug 16 '12 at 14:07

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