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I have python version 2.7.2 on my mac. When I download the sourceforge version of numPy/sciPy/matplotlib for Python 2.7, I'm taken through a 5-step installation process, which results in an error:

"You cannot install numpy 1.6.2 on this volume. numpy requires python.org Python 2.7 to install." 

Yet, when I check my python version number by typing "python" in terminal, I get:

Enthought Python Distribution -- www.enthought.com
Version: 7.1-2 (32-bit)
Python 2.7.2 |EPD 7.1-2 (32-bit)| (default, Jul 27 2011, 13:29:32) 

What could be going wrong here?

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It sounds like the numpy installer only wants to install on top of the standard distribution of Python, whereas your default interpreter is the Enthought distribution. Simple fix, though: Enthought already has numpy/scipy/matplotlib, so I don't think you need to install them at all.

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I've figured out how to import numpy, but for some reason, many of the numpy commands (genfromtxt, numaray, ma etc) aren't working. Thanks anyway. –  SVenkatesh Aug 13 '12 at 17:33

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