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First off, this is an exact duplicate of these four questions:

It seems as though times have changed since these questions were first asked and I am wondering what is a good tool now-a-days for this sort of comparison? I have looked at (additionally to those questions):

But all of the ones I get are either unmantained now or seem a little dodgy in that they are not used that much (and some even hint that they are not very performant) and the PEAR one worries me. I hate to install PEAR for one little module not only that but it seems like throwing a brick through my own window to install it for such a small module in comparison to PEAR in general not only that but the module has been superseded and placed on a different channel (dunno why?). I would use the PEAR version if it is my only choice but I want to use the upto date package.

Does anyone know of a well used and currently maintained or built in function (even if it is a PHP extension) text diff for PHP and/or JavaScript (JQuery as well)?

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Ok so it has been a while.

I actually decided to look around at what other people use and stumbled upon what Yii ( ) uses.

They actually use the PEAR module for their text_diff and they use it in its new form on the horde channel. It seems that text_diff is now a horde project but you can just as easily integrate a version of it into your application and that is what Yii does by default (it comes pre-bundled with a version of it).

So I searched around a bit to find out how they used it and how to get into it and I came across:

public function actionDiff()

    if(isset($_GET['id']) && isset($model->files[$_GET['id']]))
        if(!in_array($file->type,array('php', 'txt','js','css')))
            $diff=TextDiff::compare(file_get_contents($file->path), $file->content);

        throw new CHttpException(404,'Unable to find the code you requested.');

In CCodeGenerator for their Gii module ( ). The important part is where they actually hook into the PEAR module:

$diff=TextDiff::compare(file_get_contents($file->path), $file->content);

By reading in the contents of two files which produces a diffed output.

Originally I did not want to use PEAR because of the bloat but this module is quite slim for a fully featured text_diff so I have decided to go with this. Not only that but, at the moment, it is the only text_diff module that has truly worked for me so I am keeping with the best, even if the best is quite memory hungry.

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Have you tried one of Philippe's two solutions on this thread?

Quoted here:

In PHP. array_diff compares the first against the second array and returns the difference.

$a1 = str_split('abcdefghijklmnop');
$a2 = str_split('abcdefghi');
echo join('', array_diff($a1, $a2)); // jklmnop

This will work as well:

$s1 = 'abcdefghijklmnop';
$s2 = 'abcdefghi';
echo str_replace(str_split($s2), '', $s1); // jklmnop

This could handle $s2 = 'ghiabcdef'; as well because str_replace() is fed with an array, not a string.

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Indeed it does give me the difference and I am thinking of using this one as well though what if wanted to show differences between two, say, descriptions of a book, one from my own internal data source and one from an external data source? Like the SO editor. – Sammaye Aug 13 '12 at 16:58
Yeah, I don't know of any easy way to compare two text blocks, only two strings. Hopefully someone else will have some suggestions. – Alex Kalicki Aug 13 '12 at 17:04

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