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I have a list you can fill it on your own with QfileDialog and put the selected files in a widgetList.

I can access the list and colour all those items and do whatever I want to, except this one problem:

I would like to select one item from the list and convert it somehow to QStringList so I can use it as a Phonon MediaSource.

I don't know how I can extract this item, I want the text shown in ListWidget and put it in my mediaObj so I can play it.

Here is a little bit of my code:

How i open the FileDialog (works):

 QStringList fileNames;
QFileDialog fDialog(this);

while (true) {
    if (fDialog.exec()) {
        fileNames = fDialog.selectedFiles();
    } else {

How I access one item clicked in the list:

 QListWidgetItem *list_itm = widget.list->currentItem();

But I can extract the string shown on my cursor position.

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QListWidgetItem *list_itm = widget.list->currentItem();

QStringList list;
list << list_itm.text();

Unless I've misunderstood, you just want a QStringList with a single item in, the current widget item.

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Haha, thanks you helped me to understand c++ more even if it wasn the stuff i was looking for. xD Thanks i just needed: musicObj->setCurrentSource(list_imt->text()); – user1595837 Aug 20 '12 at 15:58

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