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Is there any way to get nested where clauses? e.g.:

SELECT * FROM table WHERE (colA = 'valueA' AND colB = 'valueB') OR (colA = 'valueC' AND colB = 'valueD')

I know I could just write this into a query function call e.g.:

$this->db->query("SELECT ...")

But I was wondering if there was a "proper" way to do it in codeigniter e.g.:

$this->db->where(array('colA'=>'valueA'), array('colB'=>valueB'))->or_where(array('colA'=>'valueC'), array('colB'=>'valueD'))


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With codeigniter 3, now there is, see the update!
There's no where() method usage variant with arrays that would allow you to do that. In these situations i usually just build the part in one long string like this:

    (colA = '".$this->db->escape($v0)."' and colB = '".$this->db->escape($v1)."') 
    (colA = '".$this->db->escape($v2)."' and colB = '".$this->db->escape($v3)."') 

Escaping can be done with escape(does some autodetection) or escape_str or escape_like_str manually depending on what the parameter expected to be or what the predicate in use.

If i'm on a project that uses the Datamapper library, i prefer to use the group_start() and group_end() methods when building these kind of queries, they have a lot of different flavor of these.


Now with, Codeigniter 3 which have grouping methods in the query builder, so you can do ->group_start()s and ->group_end()s.

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Ah, thanks for that! :) That's a bit better than doing the $this->db->query("...") version. Thank you. –  Thomas Clayson Aug 14 '12 at 7:55

You can also try like

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