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I have some Korean text I need to display on my WinForm. The text displays fine in my ListBox control. The same text does not display in my DropDownList control. Both controls have a font of Arial 8pt. The ItemHeight property for both controls is 14. I can't spot any differences in the properties of these controls that would mean one control displays the text correctly and the other doesn't.

I have read in the following article that the problem is either caused by the font or the character encoding.

From what I can gather, the code uses standard .NET strings. There are no character conversions taking place. The required font to display Korean must be installed, otherwise I would not be able to view it in one control and not another. What am I doing wrong?

Korean correctly displayed

Korean incorrectly displayed

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Did you see this other SO question? It has already received an answer but is not (yet) accepted, maybe is relevant for you also. –  Luis Quijada Aug 13 '12 at 17:18

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I resolved this by changing the font from Arial 8pt to Arial Unicode MS 8.25pt. As Luis Quijada pointed out when he suggested I look at this question

ComboBox with Segoe UI and Japanese text

Changing the font from Arial to Arial Unicode MS was an acceptable workaround for me. I'm not sure which languages Arial is supposed to support. It's possibly a Microsoft bug that Arial works in the ListBox but not in the DropDownList for the Korean text.

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