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I have a little problem and I dont know how to solve it (sadly).

I want to compile a sample project of the Awesomium 1.7RC2 SDK, it works fine with vs10, but with vs11 I do get some Errors.

These are the errors:


They are caused by these lines of code:



The code of the dispatcher class:

header: http://pastebin.com/ktTEuQ4T

source: http://pastebin.com/FTDHQzJ9

I hope someone can help me :)

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This seems to be caused by a bug in VS2012, where std::function does not implicitly convert member function pointers to function pointers. This example, which should work according to Bjarne Stroustroups C++11 FAQ, throws the same error in my VS2012:

struct X {
    int foo(int);

function<int (X*, int)> f;
f = &X::foo;        // pointer to member

X x;
int v = f(&x, 5);   // call X::foo() for x with 5

You can work around this by creating static functions like

void StaticOnSayHello(Application* app, Awesomium::WebView* caller, const Awesomium::JSArray &args) {
    app->OnSayHello(caller, args);

etc, and giving these as the third argument to method_dispatcher::Bind.

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