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I'm trying to install the mysqldb modul for python2.7 on my Windows vserver. So i run the setup.py of mysqldb in cmd and get an error - called "No Sectoin: 'metadata'".

So i thought it could be a path problem. Because on my Server plesk is installed. And MySQL is installed in Plesk, the path to MySQL isnt normal: "C:\Parallels\Plesk\Databases\MySQL51", my question is how can i tell the module that MySQL is installed there and would this fix the error?

sry for my bad english and thanks for answers!

geetz wayne

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You'd have to edit site.cfg and fix the registry setting there, but since you have posted this, there is a Windows MSI package on SourceForge that should solve your problem. The SVN version (soon to be 1.2.4) skips using the registry and will be a bit easier to build on Windows.

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