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To create for instance a button you can use the constructor:

new Android.Widget.Button(MyActivity.Window.Context);

But if you want to do that and apply styling you need to use:

new Android.Widget.Button(MyActivity.Window.Context, AttrSet);

where the AttrSet is an AttributeSet for the styling.

I have defined a style for my button in Resources/values/styles.xml and I then want to apply the style to the button in the constructor. I know following is not working:

System.Xml.XmlReader XmlRdr = MyActivity.Resources.GetXml(Resource.Style.MyButtonStyle);
var AttrSet = Android.Util.Xml.AsAttributeSet(XmlRdr);
Android.Widget.Button MyButton = new Android.Widget.Button(MyActivity.Window.Context,AttrSet);

But how can I then construct my button and apply a style from my resources in a way similar to the above?

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Have you found a solution? –  vault Jan 14 '13 at 17:01

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