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Currently, we are adding asp-net web api support to an asp.net application. However when using any path to request an action on the controller, AppRelativeCurrentExecutionFilePath is always set to "~/" and results in 400 error. Used the route debugger available here confirmed that AppRelativeCurrentExecutionFilePath is always incorrect no matter what the url is.

For e.g. all of below url accesses, has AppRelativeCurrentExecutionFilePath as "~/"


Route debugger also shows failed/no match for above urls even though route table has required entries.

Have disabled all Application_BeginRequest/VPP/module/http handlers and anything that can cause routing to be impacted but still getting into same issue. Any other possible ways this can be debugged?

Update1: Checked the application.Request.AppRelativeCurrentExecutionFilePath by handling Application_BeginRequest( ) in global.asax, even there it appears to be wrong.

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Seems to have found the issue, site had a "." in the name and for some reason asp.net does not like it. Root path that caused the issue was


Note the "Test.Client", changed it to "TestClient" and all worked as expected. When i copied the link from the test machine, had changed it and overlooked it. This should save somebody few hours if they hit this problem. Still not sure if this is a bug!?

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This is a bug in VS 2012 development server as well, and affects page routing for not only ASP.NET MVC, but also WebForms page routing as well. I simply removed the period from the directory name and everything started working. Thanks for posting this... it saved me hours as you suspected! –  Andrew Koransky Oct 9 '12 at 17:07

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