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I'm trying to load a ruby on rails app called fatfreecrm (

Cannot run off rails development server on my machine. Code fails due to the following line:

spec = Bundler.load_gemspec(Dir["./{,*}.gemspec"].first)

(line 32 in project Gemfile:

Trying to diagnose the problem but having trouble understanding what this does. In particular what directory does ["./{, *}.gemspec" refer to? Dont understand the {, *} shorthand.


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That's standard Unix shell glob syntax for a list of options that get expanded. I.e. in a Unix shell

foo{a, b, c}bar

will get expanded to

fooabar foobbar foocbar


./{, *}.gemspec

will get expanded to

./.gemspec ./*.gemspec

In Ruby's Dir::[] those don't get expanded like in the shell, but they are treated as a pattern against which to match the filenames, similar to how a regex works.

See the documentation for Dir::[], which refers to the documentation for Dir::glob, for details.

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