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I have a java project hosted on a GitHub. And I want to allow see JavaDoc HTML-page for this hosting. For this purpose I create gh-pahes branch.

How I can easy move/commit JavaDoc (that created into master branch) into gh-pages branch using EGit and Eclipse IDE? I regenerate JavaDoc often and want find way to easy commit new version JavaDoc to gh-pages but working into master branch.

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This is not in Eclipse, but this is how I do the move in command line without a second clone of the repo. First I configure my javadoc plugin to generate the docs in the folder "apidocs" in my project directory using this in my pom.xml


Then I add "apidocs" to my .gitignore in master. Then to make and move the javadocs, I do the following - starting in master:

mvn javadoc:javadoc
tar cfv apidocs.tar apidocs
git checkout gh-branches
tar xfv apidocs.tar
git commit -a
git push
rm apidocs.tar
git checkout master

The trick is that the tar file (which never ends up in the repo) does survive the switch between branches - whereas it seems as though the changes to apidocs files in the folder hierarchy vanish when I switch branches.

Nicely when I switch back to master - the apidocs folder is gone.

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It useful solution. Thank you very much! –  dzav Jun 14 at 9:23

I suggest that you use a second clone of your repository with a checked out gh-pages branch. Then you can easily move and commit your generated files without switching between the master and the gh-pages branch.

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I found not so good solution as I want, but it is works:

  1. Create gh-pages branch in a GitHub.
  2. Checkout this branch.
  3. Switch from gh-pages to master and generate javadoc.
  4. Commit javadocs.
  5. Switch from master to gh-pages branch.
  6. You can see that gh-pages branch includes javadoc folder.
  7. Just commit this folder into gh-pages.
  8. See how to update!

How to update:

  1. In master branch remove all javadoc directory and regenerate javadoc.
  2. Commit olny generated javadocs!.
  3. Switch from master to gh-pages branch.
  4. Remove old javadoc and commit this changes!
  5. Right-click on you project and select Team -> Show in History.
  6. Found you commit with javadoc from master branch.
  7. Right-click on this commit and select Cherry Pick.

Thats is all! Now you commit from master branch copy to gh-pages branch!

I don't know WHY I need using special branch for access to my HTML docs in the GitHub?! Use Google Code is MORE useful!

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