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How can I access the command line on Mac OS X without using argc, argv? On Linux, I would simply read /proc/self/cmdline or use GetCommandLine on Windows, but I can't find the equivalent for Mac OS X.

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You can use sysctl() to get at the raw argument space. See stackoverflow.com/questions/210397/… –  Shawn Chin Aug 13 '12 at 16:40

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There are functions called _NSGetArgv and _NSGetArgc in crt_externs.h. However, wouldn't it be simpler to just store the argc/argv in a variable at the start of main and be portable to all three platforms?

NOTE: These functions are not directly documented, but they are mentioned in the documentation for NSApplicationMain in the Application Kit Functions Reference, and the related _NSGetEnviron is mentioned in the environ(7) manpage.

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