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I have a strange trouble with installation of an ClickOnce application from hard drive. Sometimes the installation is broken with an "Deployment and application do not have matching security zones" error. The application was configured to run online and offline. It checks for updates from a server in the Internet.

After a while I found out that it depends on the name of a folder where installation files are located. For example, if I place Application Files folder and MyApp.application manifest (for purposes of the testing I remove setup.exe from the folder to avoid checking of updates and etc.) in a folder with name "C:\Documents and Settings\Администратор\Рабочий стол\111111111" (yes, Russian locale) then the application installs fine. If I change the folder path to "C:\Documents and Settings\Администратор\Рабочий стол\1111111111" (I added an "1" to the path) then I get the error above. In the same time if I place the same installation files in a folder with longer name, for example, "C:\Documents and Settings\Администратор\Рабочий стол\MyApp Files\Client Installer\MyAppClientInstaller_dev_ci_647" all works fine again.

Have anyone struggled with similar issue? Please help me!

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put a plain html file in each folder and open them in IE. see which zone they say they're in. –  JDPeckham Aug 13 '12 at 16:36
both are in Local Machine zone –  sedovav Aug 13 '12 at 16:51

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