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Can PHP include work for only a specified portion of a file?

I have this syntax:

if ( $CountryCode == RS || $CountryCode == ME ) {
    require $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/ads/et300x250rsTEST.html ";  


I would like to access certain div o the above page for example

if ( $CountryCode == RS || $CountryCode == ME ) {
    require $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/ads/et300x250rsTEST.html#nameovDiv1";  



if ( $CountryCode == RS || $CountryCode == ME ) {
    require $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/ads/et300x250rsTEST.html#nameovDiv2";  


if ( $CountryCode == RS || $CountryCode == ME ) {
    require $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/ads/et300x250rsTEST.html#nameovDiv3";  


And make just that div visible... On page ads/et300x250rsTEST.html i would add all my advertisment in divs, and return right one when user from specific country visits the site.

Qusetion is - How to use php include to include just part of the page which is on mine server, so i have full control of it, i can add whatever code there too [et300x250rsTEST.html] ?


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why not put the div in question in a separate file and just include that –  Ibu Aug 13 '12 at 16:42
The require statement is exactly equivalent to copying and pasting the text in a file into this position of the current file. There is no such thing as a "div" here, just file names and copy/pasted text. –  Dan Grossman Aug 13 '12 at 16:42

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This will not work.

You should instead call file_get_contents within your conditional statement. If you want to access a specific div, use DOMDocument, supplied by PHP.

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PHP can't include just a section of a file. You should either split the sections into different files, use functions to echo the text you want, or get the full contents of the file and only print out the section you want.

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