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I have entered the brave world of cross-compilation. I am currently trying to get gettext 0.18.2 to compile with Mingw-w64 on Ubuntu 12.04. Here is what the configure command looks like:

GNULIB_TOOL=../gnulib/gnulib-tool \
CXX="i686-w64-mingw32-g++" \
am_cv_func_iconv_works=yes \
./configure --host=i686-w64-mingw32 \

There are a few things to note in the (rather long) invocation of the configure script:

  • gettext requires gnulib-tool, which is stored in a directory gnulib one level above the source tree.

  • For some bizarre reason, the configure script can't find Mingw-w64's C++ compiler, so I explicitly provide it.

  • The configure script determines whether iconv is installed and working correctly by actually compiling a simple example and trying to run it. This obviously doesn't work because the target executables won't run on Ubuntu. So I manually inform the configure script that iconv is installed and works.

After configure runs, I execute make, which runs for a very long time and fails at the linking stage:

Creating library file: .libs/libgettextpo.dll.a.libs/write-po.o: In function `wrap':
gettext-tools/libgettextpo/../src/write-po.c:963: undefined reference to `_rpl_memchr'
./.libs/libgnu.a(strstr.o): In function `two_way_long_needle':
gettext-tools/libgettextpo/str-two-way.h:339: undefined reference to `_rpl_memchr'
gettext-tools/libgettextpo/str-two-way.h:391: undefined reference to `_rpl_memchr'
./.libs/libgnu.a(strstr.o): In function `two_way_short_needle':
gettext-tools/libgettextpo/str-two-way.h:234: undefined reference to `_rpl_memchr'
gettext-tools/libgettextpo/str-two-way.h:268: undefined reference to `_rpl_memchr'
./.libs/libgnu.a(vasnprintf.o): In function `max_room_needed':
gettext-tools/libgettextpo/vasnprintf.c:1699: undefined reference to `_rpl_strnlen'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

What could possibly result in those errors?

Edit: I get a little further by adding the following environment variable to configure:


Now I just get:

  vasnprintf.c:(.text+0x1260): undefined reference to `_rpl_strnlen'
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Please try the following: 1) make sure you have a "memchr.o" object file, 2) try the build debugging suggestions in this link: – paulsm4 Aug 13 '12 at 16:54
@paulsm4: 1) Yes, this file exists. 2) I can confirm that my output matches his. – Nathan Osman Aug 13 '12 at 16:59

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I finally got the stupid thing to compile by appending the following options to the configure script:


(Though it only compiles on Win32 at the moment.)

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