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I develop api for my rails project and don't now how to solve this problem

I use doorkeeper gem for authentication and rabl gem for json rendering. And i have to add some fields only for logged user.

For example: part of show.rabl:

node :accessible, if: lambda { |m| current_user } do |model|

And api/application_controller.rb:

def current_user
  User.find(doorkeper_token.resource_owner_id) if doorkeper_token

I also tried this way (rabl file) :

if current_user
   node(:accessible) { |m| m.accessible(current_user) }
   {no: "no"} # this line rendered!!

And rabl doesn't know anything about my method and return false in if lambda. How can i solve this problem? i ready for any suggestions. Thank you!

i use rails-3.2.6 doorkeeper-0.4.2 rabl-0.6.13

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You can try:

  • setting an instance variable in your controller instead of using current_user
  • or rendering a different file wether the user is logged in or not (and use rabl partial to avoid duplication)

I'm also using rabl and doorkeeper so keep me up to date if you find a good solution ;) I might need to do the same soon.

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Thank you for answer. But i don't need help now. It was my mistake;) i forgot access_token in my params and doorkeper_token was not initialized, that's why there wasn't current_user. But i can add, this method works very well ;) –  caulfield Aug 16 '12 at 7:44
Ok, all is well then ;) –  Robin Aug 16 '12 at 12:48

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