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I'm pretty new to Cake and am using Cake 2.0 and I have baked my views, controllers etc...

What I want to do is go into my views and wrap some logic around the Edit and Delete actions and only show them to logged in admins.

Does this sound like the correct approach? I have already locked down the actions so that only admins can access them but I don't want to show non-admins those buttons.

Also, I don't think having a separate view for normal users and admins is the correct approach but I could be wrong.

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You could try to use the following code snippet in your AppController's beforeFilter() method:

function beforeFilter()
     $role = $this->Auth->user('role'); //If you are using Auth
     //$this->Session->read('User.role'); // If you are using a normal login session.
     if ($role == 'author' || $role == 'admin') { 
         $this->set('role', $role); 

     if($role == 'admin')
         $this->set('is_admin', true);
         $this->set('is_admin', false);
    /***** your remaining code *******/

And in your view just use the following:

      $this->Html->link('Admin Link', 'controllers/view');
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Perfect! Thanks! Is this method frowned upon or is it pretty common? – bigmike7801 Aug 14 '12 at 17:39
@bigmike7801 This is a common practice in Ruby On Rails, so I'd imagine it's perfectly fine to use in other MVC frameworks like CakePHP. – Andrew Larsson Jul 25 '13 at 16:54

It is ok to pass a variable to the view and check it to show the command.


$this->set('admin', true); //user is an admin and should view the links


if ($admin){echo $this->Html->link('Edit', array('action' => 'edit'))}
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