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Suppose I have two strings which are following some pattern, is there any way to find the regex relation/pattern between those two strings. For example:

String1: Something1Pattern1Something2
String2: Something1Pattern2Something2

So regex will be Something1Pattern{1,2}Something2. Or say

String1: firstFolder/first.txt
String2: secondFolder/first.txt

Regex: [a-z]*Folder/first.txt

If required, I can get multiple set of 2 strings(might be required to verify and bulletproof the regex).

What I am asking might be really absurd, so please help me in figuring it out.

EDIT Thanks for the help. I was also feeling that its not possible, but just wanted an expert advice. Thanks.

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sounds to me like this question is NP-complete... – alfasin Aug 13 '12 at 18:17
where is the language tag[c#|java...]!Also cant understand ur question – Anirudha Aug 13 '12 at 18:24
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No, it's not possible. There are an infinite number of regular expressions that could describe both strings. For example the regular expression .* matches any string. So this would be a "correct" result for both your examples.

Looking at your second example in more detail:

  • String1: firstFolder/first.txt
  • String2: secondFolder/first.txt

Then you have many possibilities for the regular expression:

  • .*
  • .*/first\.txt
  • .*Folder/first\.txt
  • [a-z]*Folder/first\.txt
  • [a-z]+Folder/first\.txt
  • \w{5,6}Folder/first\.txt
  • [cdefinorst]+Folder/first\.txt
  • (first|second)Folder/first\.txt
  • [a-z]*s[a-z]+Folder/first\.txt
  • etc...

There is no way to know which of these is "correct".

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