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OK, it's kind of hard to describe what I need to get out of SQL in a single subject row. I hope the subject does not turn away too many folks...

I have two tables, one that has a Ship ID, tracking number and the shipping cost.

Declare @ship as table
    shipID varChar(25),
    TrkID VarChar(50),
    shp_Cost money

Insert into @ship Values('1000000058','075637240645964',13.1900)
Insert into @ship Values('1000000077','075637240646671',10.3300)
Insert into @ship Values('1000000078','075637240646695',12.8300)
Insert into @ship Values('1000000079','075637240646725',11.2100)

This has a 1:Many relationship where this is a single shipment but it may have many line items in it. The second table has the line items and for demo reasons it looks like this...

Declare @ship_2 as table
    shipID VarChar(25),
    trkID VarChar(50),
    Item_SKU VarChar(50),
    Ship_Quantity int

Insert into @ship_2 Values('1000000058','075637240645964','P025.3',25)
Insert into @ship_2 Values('1000000058','075637240645964','P100.1',25)
Insert into @ship_2 Values('1000000058','075637240645964','P21.1',25)
Insert into @ship_2 Values('1000000058','075637240645964','P024',25)
Insert into @ship_2 Values('1000000058','075637240645964','A-P927',25)
Insert into @ship_2 Values('1000000058','075637240645964','PBC',500)
Insert into @ship_2 Values('1000000077','075637240646671','P213.99',25)
Insert into @ship_2 Values('1000000077','075637240646671','P029',25)
Insert into @ship_2 Values('1000000077','075637240646671','P-05.3',25)
Insert into @ship_2 Values('1000000078','075637240646695','P0006.1',25)
Insert into @ship_2 Values('1000000078','075637240646695','P01.67-US',25)
Insert into @ship_2 Values('1000000078','075637240646695','P09.1',25)
Insert into @ship_2 Values('1000000078','075637240646695','P022.1',25)
Insert into @ship_2 Values('1000000078','075637240646695','P08.3',25)
Insert into @ship_2 Values('1000000079','075637240646725','P02',25)
Insert into @ship_2 Values('1000000079','075637240646725','P0006.1',25)
Insert into @ship_2 Values('1000000079','075637240646725','P1.4',25)

So what I need is a way to join the two tables and provide the shipping details to include the cost of the shipping in one result set. Not really a problem until you consider that only one of the line items should carry the cost of the shipping. If there are 6 line items I only need to return the shipping cost on the first line item and 0 on the remaining 5 rows.

I am currently at a complete loss of how I can accomplish this at the moment. It will all be in a stored proc and I can create temp tables or declare tables as needed.

Any one have a suggestion on what I need to look for.

Thanks for any help our guidance you can provide.


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what version of sql-server? – bluefeet Aug 13 '12 at 18:52
Whoopss... SQL Server 2008 R2 – Tim Sapp Aug 13 '12 at 18:54
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Why not use CTE for this:

;with cte as
    select s.shipID, 
        ROW_NUMBER() over(PARTITION by s.shipid order by s.shipid) rn
    from @ship s
    inner join @ship_2 s2
        on s.shipID = s2.shipID
select shipID, 
    case when rn = 1 then shp_Cost else 0 end shp_cost,
from cte

See SQL Fiddle with Demo

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This worked great! Thanks! Now I am heading off to learn more about CTE and where else I can use it. – Tim Sapp Aug 13 '12 at 19:23

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