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I accidentally empty a table. I have backup, but the backup is the whole database, about 10GB. How can I just restore one table from the backup? Is it possible?

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@stevether This works! Can you reply as an answer so that I can accept? – DrXCheng Aug 13 '12 at 20:21
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$ awk '/Table structure for table .test1./,/Table structure for table .test2./{print}' mydumpfile.sql > /tmp/extracted_table.sql

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You'd need to extract just the one table from the backup SQL.

You can do this using sed, e.g.

sed -n -e '/CREATE TABLE `mytable`/,/CREATE TABLE/p' backup.sql > mytable.sql

(This works as long as its not the last table in the dump (I think). The output file will include an extra line, a partial CREATE TABLE statement.)

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