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Suddenly, unfortunately, I can't place the moment of occurrence Xcode has stopped showing git information, nor can I submit/revert/etc via git from inside Xcode. If I check the Organizer's Repositories, my project is still listed with its last commit.

Using the command line: git status, I see all the unstaged changes as I would expect.

So, the project is still under git control, but somehow detached from Xcode.

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You are using hombrew's git, right? (or maybe have installed the Xcode 4.5 cli)? Is your project using submodules? –  mspasov Aug 23 '12 at 18:28

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I was able to fix this issue by going to Organizer in Xcode, selecting my project, and deleting the Derived Data. You may need to quit Xcode and re-open your project after doing this to let Xcode rebuild the project index.

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Installing the command line tools worked for me

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