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I am trying to import ~15k PersonAccounts into Salesforce using the Apex Data Loader version 25.0.1 available here.

I have already called Salesforce and enabled PersonAccounts on my Organizaion. I have successfully logged in with my admin credentials and exported a RecordType csv showing the following info:

ID                  | NAME              | DEVELOPERNAME
01280000000Lsy4AAC  | Person Account    | PersonAccount
01280000000LsxzAAC  | Business Account  | Business_Account

I have created a new csv with the following columns:


and specified 01280000000Lsy4AAC for all records in the RECORDTYPEID column.

When I attempt to insert my csv I get the same error for all rows:

Record Type ID: id value not valid for the users profile: 01280000000Lsy4AAC

What am I doing wrong? How do I upload PersonAccounts using the Apex Data Loader?

Update: I have tried the method recommended here of getting the RecordTypeID from the query string of the web interface (which gives you the same RecordTypeID without the "ACC" suffix and I still get the exact same error.

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I had to enable Person Accounts on my Sys Admin profile

Setup -> Manage Users -> Profiles -> System Administrator, then Object Settings, then Account, and make sure Person record type is assigned.


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