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I have a Ruby script that I wrote that sorts some files in a jumble of directories based on it's file extension. It would be very difficult to sort it using a GUI, and its easier for me to just put the file in the topmost directory and let the sorter do the work.

Problem is, I'm a bit of a noob to unix scripting. What I want to be able to do is be able to run that sorter script from anywhere on my computer, without having to

cd Desktop/Whatever/Foo
ruby sorterscript.rb

just write sortfolders at the commandline and have the program be run.

I've tested the script many times, and it works fine, I just want a bit more convenience.

Bonus: If possible, and not too difficult, it would be even better if I could have the program run, say, every hour automatically.

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As far as your first question goes, you need to do couple of things:

  1. Add a shebang line to your script (make it the first line of the script):

    #!/usr/bin/ruby (or whatever the path to the Ruby interpreter's executable is, I forget its exact location)

  2. Make the script executable, either via the Finder's "Get Info" context menu, or via the command line, for example:

    chmod 755 my_script.rb

  3. Add the directory location of your script to the PATH environment variable to OS X's launchd.conf file, as described here. You need to add this line:

    setenv PATH /path/to/my/script:$PATH (substitute the real path to your script)

As far as your bonus question goes, you can use cron to set up a recurring job. I never really do this, but here's Apple's cron man page to get you started.

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Dir.chdir might also be useful. That changes the cwd of the script so, for example, the script will always run in the same directory no matter where you call it from. –  Max Aug 13 '12 at 20:44

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