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As a newbye to Google Docs programming I would appreciate some guidance about feasability of following requirement and some pointers into the correct Google Docs/Apps documentation in order to start.

Functionally I would like to implement an annotations pane on the right of my Google Docs documents. My goal is to be able to annotate the text with ideas, to-do's, etc. And edit a description associated to those annotations on a right pane, in order to keep the document legible. Obviously such annotations' descriptions must be collapse.

Programatically I have to

  • add a pane next to a Google Doc document
  • discover when a special "tagging string" is added, e.g. "some text {annotate: Remember-XYZ} more text".
  • anchor the annotations in the document
  • keep the annotations flowing vis-a-vis their anchor.

Thanks for any hint.

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The capability to add menu and sidebar items to google docs was recently introduced with the DocumentApp. See Extending Google Docs for an introduction.

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