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I'm working on a web application and I'd like to add some keyboard shortcuts. Things like Ctrl-N, or Ctrl-Space. However, I do not want to use a keyboard shortcut that's already used by the browser.

For example, using the Ctrl-Space shortcut in Google Chrome on OS X is fine, but in Firefox on OS X it brings up a right-click menu in the browser.

Is there a known list of cross browser/OS keyboard shortcuts that are safe (or unsafe) to use for web applications?

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If you need to know only standard browser keyboard shortcuts, they are listed here.

Separate browser's shortcuts lists:

  • Internet Explorer's shortcuts can be found here. (just press "Show all")

  • Firefox's here. (scroll down a bit)

  • Google Chrome's here.

  • Safari's here.

  • Opera's here.

And I find this comparison table ugly, but very useful.

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